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Ron Weasley gives free ice cream to kids. Harry Potter talks about the importance of feminism and gay rights. Hermione Granger is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women.

The heroes of my childhood became the heroes of my adulthood.

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Moving and grad school never really felt real until now. And to be honest, I can’t fucking wait.

I submitted my applications to Grad School this weekend.

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This is so sweet.


My mom got a new puppy

Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.

– Joanne Harris (via a-thousand-words) Via Tea, Coffee, and Books

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Sailboats are really cool. #nofilter (at Staten Island Ferry Boat)

Happy Birthday Olivia :D


Diablo…Ammonite and Brass.  GORGEOUS

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Pretty sure I’m just constantly setting myself up for disaster.

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