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And my mom made a friend. #egghunting #thebigegghuntnyc

Some parts of the city aren’t so bad. #centralpark

The daily commute.

Sunshine and stump.


Agata @ Monster Management by Federico Sorrentino.

Holly and Gabe.

Sunglass reality.

Rockland Lake. @brassmunkgfunk @lucysilverhammer

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If they don’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you.

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I have made the executive decision to not drink anymore. I hate New York. I hate going out here. Its not fun. Drinking and dancing and going out and nightlife it was all amazing at Purchase, but here it adds to my sadness. So I am making major life changes. Starting with giving up nightlife, and friends who bring me down. I want to only do things that add to the quality of my life experiences, things that make me happy.

Its time I start enjoying my 20s.


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